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Hol Horse
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15th-Dec-2020 11:45 am - -ooc- HMD
Hol - Calm
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I can be contacted on AIM at dynamo hunter a if you so chose. You may add me at Plurk too, if you wish... @dainamo
5th-Aug-2020 03:16 am - IC Contact [Siren's Pull]
Hol - Can't be fooling me
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9th-Nov-2011 07:52 am - -26th Bullet-
Hol - Smug
[Mayfield... it's been a while since this guy has been remotely happy. He's been hiding, lurking, if you will... and it's not at all surprising. He's been tired, and annoyed... he doesn't go out of his way to try and make friends these days. In fact, he's even been dodging his own housemates. The man is regretful, growing distant, and over all hard to find these recent weeks.

However! He's in -slightly- better spirits, because he just managed to get a pack of his favorite cigarettes. A little more at ease, he's going to make sure they last before they go stale. If you're lucky, you might find him sitting at the curb on his street.

A. To the housemates! ... It's up to you if you sense his slightly more upbeat behavior ...

B. Anyone crossing the path of 1247 Williams road is welcome to say hello to a man sitting at the curb. He's either smoking... enjoying a beer... or hell, perhaps both!
27th-Sep-2011 03:11 am - -25th Bullet-
Hol - Frustration!
[It's really late at night... or really early in the morning! Either way, Hol Horse has taken to leaving the house as some insane hour. He did his best to retain a cool attitude over the whole zombie mess when he was talked to... but he could only fake it for so long. He took a walk to the park... without the horse.

The place seemed to be well enough deserted... he seemed calm and collected on the outside. Inside his mind was racing. There was plenty of pent up rage as well, which had been suppressed time and time again. It was only during events when he cracked... he hated this place.

Eventually he came to a stop in front of a rather large tree. Lowering his head, he decided that this was a good as time as any to get rid of that anger. Though in the end, he'd only be further mad at himself later. He threw an all out punch to the tree... and continued to do this for some time.
18th-Sep-2011 10:29 pm - -24th Bullet-
[Has anyone in Mayfield seen Hol Horse freak out? Not from droning or a hint of nervousness either. When this guy found out there were zombies out and about? First thing that crossed his mind was a certain Stand user, and that didn't go well with him.

When he realizes the zombies aren't the cause of said Stand user, he doesn't freak out any less... in fact, the usually calmness he had about him is gone at the moment, replaced by a wave of hysterical fear. He really needs someone to help calm him down... any takers?


Wh-Wh-WHAT is goin' on out there???? I didn't think that-- Why would-- AHH!

A. Fellow housemates! Your not!dad has proven to be a coward, and keeps muttering about Stand users. Approach?

B. When he does finally calm down, within reason, he can be seen riding on a horse, idly shooting anyone that looks like they could eat an arm or a leg. All this only because he wants to make sure certain people out there are okay. How thoughtful.

If he doesn't know you... and you need saving? Too bad. He's a jerk like that.
30th-Aug-2011 08:27 pm - -23rd Bullet-
Hol - In disbelief
[So it's a bright sunny mid-morning at the 1247 Williams house... and Hol Horse has eventually come to drag himself out of bed. He's not a morning person, that much is obvious... and as he gets himself dressed for the day, there's a knock at the door. ... and refusing to check on it, there's another! Eventually, fully dressed and ready for the day, he heads outside, to find an small package labeled with his name on it. He winced... what more could this town possibly give him?]

Now what do they think they can give m--

[His sentence was cut off by the sound of a whinny. Heading over to the garage, he stared in disbelief at the horse that was standing there.]

Ya gotta be kiddin' me...!

[Hol was now stuck with calling into work and trying to figure out what to do with the new... pet.]

A. Fellow housemates! You have a horse on your lawn... and no, it's not Hol. Although rest assured, he's somewhere close by.

B. Feel free to be a passer-by, perhaps a neighbor and spot the horse standing there in the front lawn. Just chilling. Nibbling on some grass now and then.

C. Feel free to notice Hol, and the horse out at the park. He's really trying to figure out what he should be doing with it. It's not little like a cat or a small dog... so putting it in the house is a little out of the question.
16th-Aug-2011 03:46 pm - -22nd Bullet-
Hol - Cigarette
[For the unfortunate residents of the household on 1247 Williams Road... it would appear that one of them has fallen victim to the new law in effect. It might not be noticable at first, but give it time. He looks the same, is dressed in his normal clothes from home, and even has that cigarette hanging from his mouth. Nothing can be wrong with him, right?]

Where are those children? Don't they know that their chores won't get done on their own?

[Maybe it's for the best, that his housemates don't let him leave...]
5th-Aug-2011 03:40 am - -21st Bullet-
Hol - Not concerned
[He woke up late that night. Figuring it best not to bother his housemates with his thoughts, the fellow got out of bed and got dressed. He was surprised to find yet another item from home sitting in the driveway earlier in the day. Going outside, he went to overlook the motorcycle to check if it was in fact his own. He paced out in the front yard. He was beyond restless now. So to ease his mind, he did what only came naturally to him.

The fellow went on a walk. To the park. He'll be there until early dawn, when he decides it best to go back to sleep. Hopefully, no one else is awake and roaming around to bother him.
18th-Jul-2011 02:32 am - -20th Bullet-
Hol - Side Glance
[Truth be told, Hol didn't know what was going on in his head. He had confessed to being a communist, when the thought never once crossed his mind. He was more or less locked inside the house, despite any efforts to leave, and again... he had no clue why.

Far as he could tell though, there was something going on around town that caused everyone to act out of the ordinary. He had heard multiple conversations about folks spilling out their best and well kept secrets. It bothered him.

So when he thought everyone was well asleep for the night, he snuck out. His drive for nicotine was strong that night. Maybe he was nervous, scared... but whatever it was... he was finding himself not comfortable at all around this town.
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